Best Decor Ideas for Your Condo

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Decorating your home is a dream everyone sees from their younger age. Everyone has certain choices for various things, and they like to keep those choices in their life. It also shows what type of person he/she is. You can decorate your home within the budget by the ideas we’ve collected for you after doing extensive research. These are classic yet minimalistic ideas everyone would love to try:


You can start by allotting various themes to different rooms of the condo unit. Use the inner artist of yourself and use a theme of forest in one room and get an escape route in space by giving space theme to the other room. You may think it’s too childish or impossible to do but it is not. You don’t have to grow a jungle in your room or to place a spaceship in the room. You can get inspiration from these ideas and can create a similar one according to your taste. Like you can go for a chic or vintage theme. However, if you want a sleek and minimal look, most condos offer this already. In Canadian cities like Toronto and Kitchener, where many people flock to find employment opportunities, homes like these condos are designed with modern themes in mind. As such, you only have to add in your personal touches to make a theme of your own.

DIY wallpaper:

Wake the dormant creative part of yourself and use your ideas to make wallpapers from simple materials available in the home. If you are inspired by Picasso then you can use abstract wallpapers on the walls of your condo units. If you have kids then ask them to paint their hands and touch the wall with those little and tiny hands. You can use the idea of having hand impressions on the walls as well.

Color combinations:

Colors play an important role in one person’s life. Research shows that colors have a deep impact on the heart and blood rate of the person. It also shows our personality. Some people like using bright colors, whereas others are just okay with black or white. Use these combinations in interior decoration and on your walls. Use curtains of these colors and paint the walls with those combinations.

Movable furniture:

It is not only decorative but the best way to organize everything inside the small space of the condo unit. Moving the fixed and heavy furniture is extremely difficult so, it took a month to remove that furniture to do some cleaning of those areas. Whereas, if you buy movable furniture like tables, stools, and racks, then it will be easier to move them around in the house, and you can place them in the store when not in use. You can also look for furniture having racks or organizers fitted in them like lockers in bed. 

Recycled Items:

There are so many things in daily life usage that can be recycled and used in different ways. For example, you can use wine corks to make an artisanal bowl to keep your keys and change. Another motivating example is the use of plastic bottles filled with pebbles and soil to make small pots to grows shrubs and small plants. You will get a refreshing feeling with the greenery in your home. Moreover, you can grow easy-going vegetables like coriander and mint in those pots as well. And old wine bottles can be painted over with contrasting colors or broken down into smaller crystals to be arranged into decorative mirrors.


It is a brilliant idea to use recycled plastic pots for growing small indoor plants, but a small dedicated garden can be a fun activity in your home for adults as well as children. You can teach them the basic principles of responsibility when they take care of the flowers and the routine for watering them daily. Furthermore, let’s not forget about the fresh and clean air filled with newly created oxygen by the plants growing on your terrace. When you wake up in the morning with a hot cup of coffee and stand on the balcony with the raw wind gushing on your face and greenery, making you feel light and happy that helps you remain active even on a hectic day at work.


You can hang some beautiful paintings and portraits of your family and loved ones.  You’ll hang each painting in one room for depicting a specific memory or good time associated with that particular person. You can also paint a beautiful picture and turn your house into your art gallery. An artistic approach has proved to be useful in releasing the stress, exercise your mind, and get the creative juices flowing. It makes your problem-solving ability better and increases your memory retaining ability.

Devoted Corners:

You can have devoted corners in your home for different purposes. Like a study table with a built-in bookshelf and the coziest chair and all the needed books can be used for studying. A small movie theatre with a big-screen television decorated with fairy lights and soundbar mounted on the wall with a big comfy sofa in front to turn any night into a movie night with your best friend or a partner, no judgments there!


If you don’t want to allot your terrace a gardening job, you can decorate it easily with twinkling lights and a soft comforter. You can work on your laptop or watch a movie, or you can watch a romantic series there with your loved one.  Apart from these, you can also put a cute swing on the terrace where you can relax, listen to songs, have your evening tea and some alone time secluded from the outside world, and escape into oblivion. 

You can also try wall mirrors, large paintings, small indoor plants, and glossy interior designing ideas if you want to. You can also look for some pre-construction condo units as they allow you to decorate your home however you want.

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