How to Detect If Your Home Has Electrical Problems

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Although electricity is one of the greatest inventions of all time, most of us take it for granted nowadays. We can’t imagine our modern life without it. From keeping our homes warm, running all our necessary day to day appliances, to keeping our homes well lit at night, Electricity does it all for us. But we must also be aware that this boon can be a source of destruction too. House fires are caused by electrical malfunctions and are a serious cause of alarm.

The electrical wirings that run the length of your house hidden inside the walls can cause a potential fire risk. Knowing how to identify the warning signs early on, will help you to make the essential protective repairs. This will not just protect your home from a fire hazard, but also save you money on repairs. Here are a few tips that can help you to identify if your home has any electrical problems also ensure fire safety.

Electrical Products That Are Not Genuine

You may have been to flea markets and witnessed that there are vendors selling cheap electrical goods, such as power strips, extension cords, and night bulbs. These might be sold at ridiculously low prices, hence will be very tempting. Beware from buying these products as most likely they are counterfeit products and do not comply with or meet the government or industry safety standards.

This makes the products extremely dangerous as there is no telling how these were manufactured or if they have followed any safety guidelines during manufacturing. It’s always recommended that you buy your electrical goods from dealers that have a solid reputation in the market and are established for a period of time. And you should also ensure while buying that the product has an approval seal from the Underwriters Laboratory.

Check The Lights

If the lights at your home are flickering then you have a reason for concern. This normally results due to a power surge. A power surge is most likely caused if your electrical appliances are making excessive demands that are stressing out the electrical system beyond its capacity. If this isn’t fixed promptly then it might take a toll not only on your fixtures but the appliances as well.

So when you see that the lights at your house are flickering occasionally, you need to take the hint that it is time to get your wiring checked and possibly upgraded. Hiring an electrical company with a good reputation for the job will be the best idea. For electricians charlotte nc you can check online listings to pick the right company for your job.

Loose or Broken Light Switches

If there are switches or power outlets at home that are not working or occasionally don’t work, you could be looking at a case of loose wiring. This could be a hazardous situation as it potentially may result in a fire and/or electrical shock.

So you need to look out for loose or exposed power outlets at your home as they might cause an electric shock to anyone trying to plug or unplug a cord unsuspectingly. Get such outlets checked out and fixed immediately to avoid a safety hazard.

Problems with the Circuit Breaker

The main design for the circuit breaker at your home is supposed to make it trip if a circuit is overloaded. An overloaded circuit can cause a fire hazard due to overheating. If the tripping happens once in a while then it might be caused by a simple overload. But if it keeps happening repeatedly you might want to call in an electrician and get your entire electrical system checked.

Unfamiliar Smells and Odours

When you buy and use a new electrical appliance it is common to get an unfamiliar smell once you install it. This can be caused by some superficial issues such as the finish or the paint. But if you think the unfamiliar odor is coming from an electrical outlet, then you must unplug all connected devices and not use it till a reliable electrician checks it out. You should also get an electrician over to check if your fuse box or breaker panel is producing an alien smell.

Is There a Buzzing Noise

An outlet or switch in good condition is supposed to operate silently. If you do hear any crackling, buzzing, or sizzling noise when you flip on a switch or plug in an appliance in an outlet then you need to take immediate action. Instantly turn the power off to that fixture and call an electrician in to investigate it.

Also if you feel that the switches of the lights are warm to touch or if you notice any sparking in any of the outlets, you need to call the electrician right away to have that checked out as well.

Are The Ceiling Fixtures Turning Hot

A lack of proper insulation can cause fixtures of your ceiling to get warm. You need to check if any of the bulbs are exceeding the recommended wattages. Both these issues can potentially cause a fire. You can consider switching over to using LED or CFL lights, as these don’t produce as much heat as incandescent bulbs. Either way, if you see that the ceiling fixtures are getting too warm, have them checked out by an electrician.

Faulty Arcs

If there is a breach in the wiring, it can cause the electrical circuits to veer off the path it was intended to run. This is what causes arc faults to occur. Electrical fires are frequently caused by arc faults. You can install an arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) to prevent arc faults from happening.

If you are living in a house that is old, there may be a chance that many of the electrical wirings are degraded, you should definitely consider getting an electrician to install the AFCIs. This might be an expensive installation but it will be totally worth it when the safety of your home is at risk.


You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your house. Electrical fires can cause a lot of damage to your property not to mention putting the lives of your loved ones at risk. So you must be on top of all repairs and replacements when it comes to the electrical issues in your house.

Getting a reliable electrician will ensure that you get the work done perfectly. So call the right people and get the peace of mind that all the electrical works of your home are in top condition.

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